19 August 2022
Dr. Belisario Domínguez Norte #52, C.P.30019
Comitán de Domínguez, Chiapas México.
Tel:01-963-632-7996 Fax: 01 963-632-7956

Español (spanish formal Internacional)English (United Kingdom)
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Fachada Principal - Click para ver video

4 Single room.

6 single room with King size bed.

44 Double room.

4 Tripple room with king size and double bed.

4 junior suites with king size and double bed.

2 suites with king size and double bed.

1 real suite with king size.

From Cradle of Free Expression, we offer an unforgettable stay.

Flor de Maria Hotel, in Comitan de Dominguez, Chiapas, is a 6 level establishment. Our modern building on a colonial style allow us to be on top of technology to satisfy every need single need of our guests. All of our utility equipment is new. We distinguish ourselves by providing comfort on every guestroom in order to always be able to achieve our goal: A pleasant rest on every bed. Guestrooms are distributed in the 3rd and 6th floor. They all feature balcony, which provides a wonderful city view and the views from the hotel as well.We offer an elevator service on the 6 floors.