09 May 2021
Dr. Belisario Domínguez Norte #52, C.P.30019
Comitán de Domínguez, Chiapas México.
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postheadericon About Comitan de Dominguez

Comitan de Dominguez is one of the last villages towards southern Mexico, a few km from our neighbor country of Guatemala. Located in the central altiplane of Chiapas State, 1600 meters high, adjoined with 6 municipal lands. Adorned by the beautiful lake Yusnajab, with a moderated weather almost all year long, among its land outstand the most delicate woods and exotic species; among its trees kinds there is the oak, mahogany, cedar and pine and among its fauna you can find the boa and the rock iguana.

Comitan means "Potters Place" on nahuatl tongue; "Dominguez" in honor of the hero Belisario Dominguez, a politician from the time of the Mexican Revolution, that was born in this village. As famous politicians were born here we also have to make distinction that is also the hometown of many artists and poets, among them the writer Rosario Castellanos, the actress Irma Serrano and the poet Oscar Bonifaz.

The tourist will find around the El Comitan area dream places to have fun from. The National Park "Lagunas de Montebello" is located 12 kms away from Comitan, towards Cuauhtemoc city; an impressive number of waterfalls are shaped by the River Tujila trajectory; with almost 60 lagoons framed by forest and jungle, with impressive color tones that go from clear blue to blue turquoise, to purple and emerald green; at the park you can practice swimming, ecological tours and camping. 3 hours away from Comitan de Dominguez, you can reach the small village of Las Nubes, a green landscape that amuses the tourist with the Ecotourism Park Las Nubes; during the summer specially, visitors enjoy from swimming at the waters of the rivers Guatemala, Dolores and Caliente, where you can rest and practice excursions on their shores, or either way the tourist can walk over the hanging bridge that connects the villages Las Nubes and Loma Bonita; the main attraction, ideal for the photography lovers, is the Las Golondrinas waterfall, called that way since during the summer this beautiful bird kind arrive flying all over sky; the community also offers leisure cabins, upgrading the comfort and the service quality to welcome the tourist.

30 minutes away from Comitan, at the Tzimol municipally, there is the El Chiflon waterfall, a water curtain shaped by the San Vicente River among the mountains, jungle and a valley of cane fields; the tallest water fall is 70 meters high, since the water falls from different rock levels forming blue turquoise wealthy water reservoirs at the bottom; swimming, ecological tours and camping are the most common activities that visitors practice, although the water temperature may be cold, it can be tolerable and better yet there are people who believe this waters transmit positive energy and therapeutic benefits. From Comitan towards Cuauhtemoc city, at the Chamic junction, take a left on a dirt road to reach Colon lakes, an area of almost 350 acres and great popularity; there are more than 40 lakes that shape the Lagartero River, linked each other by water ways and waterfalls, turning it into challenging spots for scuba diving as well as other activities such as ecotourism, excursions and camping; twice as a attractive, Colon lakes catch the studied ones attention, since there is the "El Lagartero" place, a ceremonial center chosen by the Mayan ethnic.

Originally occupied by the ethnic tribe of Tzetziles, the place was taken over by the Aztecs and then colonized by the Spaniards, who spread the catholic doctrine and which most of the locals teach. The city is always been famous for being the region main supplier, always dedicated to the trade market and now opens its doors to tourism, since has developed a lot the service district, with hotels and restaurants among others that welcome warmly the national and international tourism.

Some of the interest sites for tourists are the City Historical Center, Cultural Center Rosario Castellanos, Archaeological Museum of Comitan, and Santo Domingo church, San Sebastian temple, Junchavin Theater and the archaeological zone of Tenam-Puente. And 12 km away there is the Resort Uninajab, a wonderful establishment for the tourist activities such as, swimming pool, excursions, camping and photography.

When visiting Comitan, don´t miss out on trying our typical dishes such as the patashete sandwich among others; acquire some of the crafts such as palm made items, jewelry, clothing pieces made of wool; its religious festivities are another city attraction, specially the San Sebastian festivity every January 20th, or the commercial fair that takes place during October.

The land of women and famous poets of Mexico invites the world to tour around its streets and to take advantage of the surrounding natural resources, as well as resting and having fun in a paradise worthy visiting.